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The Shian Wolves are a dedicated group of role-players formed approximately 10 years ago by Merrall Shian. Originally a group of mercenaries trying to make their way in the world, they were finally accepted and gained status amongst the Wolf Faction. The pack are still proud to be affiliated with the Grolsch Guard, honoured every year by drinking the holy Grolsch water, unfortunately no members of this fine group are still in existence.

The Shian Wolves have grown in number to approximately 30 members and have bought and created IC equipment including an in character marquee tent complete with table, weapon-rack, banners, flags and lighting to make the whole role-play experience as good as it can be for its members.

We attract new members every year due to our easy going role-play ethic. Role-play can be as intense or as basic as you would want, either sit back and take in the ambience or get involved with the plot as you see fit. We have some children in the group and appeal to role players from all walks of life. Should you want to join our group please contact us via the website and introduce yourself either OOC or IC, once accepted into the group you will learn about the Shian wolves background and plot lines. We take role-playing seriously but with a fun ethic, we make decisions as a group, as a pack we are strong. To find out more please contact us.

Upcoming Events

The Spring Moot

3rd – 6th May, 2019

The Spring Moot is the first main event of the year. This is an ideal time to visit the Traders and see what new stock has arrived and place your custom order ready for The Gathering.

The Great Erdrejan Fayre

24th – 27th May, 2019

The Great Erdrejan Fayre is usually a light-hearted event with a uniquely relaxed feel. The style and flavour varies year on year, dependent upon where it is hosted and the Guilds assisting with the planning.

The Summer Moot

2nd – 4th August, 2019

The Summer Moot is the third main event of the year and marks the start of the run-up to The Gathering. It can be the perfect opportunity to reassess your alliances and settle a few old scores. Pursue your guild memberships and maybe get involved in a ritual or two.

The Gathering of Nations

23rd – 26th May, 2019

The Gathering is the Lorien Trust’s biggest main event each summer season. It includes, Faction and Guild plots, politics, trading, merriment, rituals, skirmishes, monsters and so much more, alongside a number of mass skirmishes and epic battles.

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